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IN CONCERT: World Premier of Organ/Orchestra work Commissioned by Allen Organ Company
Recently, the Allentown Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Maestra Diane Wittry and featuring world-renowned organist Maestro Hector Olivera, premiered a new two-movement composition entitled "Concertino for Organ and Orchestra" by local composer Eric Ewazen.

The performance of the composition, commissioned by Allen Organ Company, met with rave reviews, prompting some members of Saturday evening's audience to return for Sunday's matinee. The composer and many members of Allen Organ Company were in attendance and Sunday's performance was recorded for broadcast at a later time. Allen Organ provided a 66 Stop, Three-Manual Bravura organ to complement the orchestra.

The concert also featured the well-known Organ Symphony by Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns.

The Ewazen composition is available for future performances and plans are under way to make it available in several different formats; piano/organ duet; organ and string ensemble; and organ and full orchestra. For more information, contact Allen Organ Company at aosales@allenorgan.com.

The smiling faces in the photo at right, taken after the performance, tell the story. It was great music and great fun! Allen Organ Company is thrilled to have had this unique opportunity to support the arts! Special thanks to Maestra Wittry and to Maestro Olivera for an unforgettable performance!

The review in the link supplied below says it all.

Review: Magnificent instrument shines in hands of superb organist at Allentown Symphony concert

Maestro Hector Olivera, foreground, performing with the Allentown Symphony Orchestra. Photo by R. Cort.

"Concertino for Organ and Orchestra" by local composer Eric Ewazen. Photo by R. Cort.

L to R - Steve Markowitz, President, Allen Organ; Maestro Hector Olivera, Organist; Maestra Diane Wittry, Artistic Director and Conductor, Allentown Symphony Orchestra; Eric Ewazen, Composer; Barry Holben, Allen Organ VP Sales.

E-MAIL TO ALLEN: Visually Impaired Musician Enjoys New Allen Organ!
(December 2016)
Dear Mr. Markowitz and all the staff members of Allen Organ,

I am writing this e-mail to thank you for building the special organ for a weak eyesight person. I really appreciate you making a special HISTORIQUE™.

I was born with congenital cataract and glaucoma because my mother had the rubella during her pregnancy. I have no site in my right eye due to glaucoma so I have an artificial eye. It is difficult to correct my left vision; I have only 20/200 vision. I have been using German medical glasses by Carl Zeiss for more than 30 years. Those glasses correct my vision to 20/100

The medical glasses are like a telescope; they have a narrow field of view and I can see in a certain close range. Therefore, most of the people with weak sight have a difficult time to practice a grand piano with a music stand in a high position. We are not able to read music.

Etna Saito playing her new Allen HISTORIQUE organ.

An adjustable music rack was added to Etna's HISTORIQUE.
I started learning Lyre, musical instrument based on Waldorf education 3 years ago. I played some compositions by Pachelbel this year and came to love his simple and beautiful melody and also his faith. That is the reason I have taken a pipe organ lesson once a week since May. Now I am serious about organ music. My dream is someday I'd visit Sankt Sebalduskirche in Nürnberg where Pachelbel was an organist and play the pipe organ in the chapel.

Before I met Mr. Matsunaka, your Allen Representative, I was a would-be buyer of organs from other companies. But all of the organs have similar design: the music stand is at the high position. It is difficult to read music scores with medical glasses. So I worried that I had to put a music stand on the bench and try to read music bending my body. This kind of body position makes me feel sick and it is impossible to focus on scores and practice the organ.

Thanks to Allen people, I will be able to read music without any stress and I will practice for a long time. So it will be possible for me to play by ear. A visually impaired person like me cannot play without memorizing.

Now I am excited so much; you are building a very special organ for me. The organ may be arriving in Tokyo at Christmas time. I am really looking forward to receiving it. The organ is not a mere article of commerce and I am not only a customer because I feel like this organ is a big Christmas gift for me for the first time in my life.

I think your kindness to make a customized organ for me is the quality that everyone wants to find in a business world. The Number of children with weak eyesight is decreasing but the number of medium disabled grown-ups is increasing because of diabetes or retinal complications. The elderly with farsightedness also have a difficult time to read music. Even so, I hope those people should enjoy music and find beauty in their lives.

Again I thank you very much for giving a good example as a global company. God bless you all. I am grateful for all you have done for me.

With all my feelings of gratitude, my beloved composer Johann Pachelbel's soul and my sincerity,

Etna Saito
Tokyo, Japan

UP TO $1000

If you haven't seen these videos, then we encourage you to do so, and then pass the word to your church's Choir Director or Organist to submit an entry!

Started back in April, we have selected entry videos received during the month, proclaimed a winner, sent the winner a plaque stating that they were the winner of the "Inspiring Congregations" contest for that month, and sent a check for $100.00 made out to the church's music ministry!

Response to our contest has been good, but we welcome more entries, especially now with Easter fast approaching and our contest concluding at the end of April!

Look for this ad on Facebook, future e-notes and in your Allen monthly e-mail!

(Contest open to continental US, Alaska and Hawaii)

Click here to view and listen to all winners to date,
including our most recent December and January Winners!

INSTALLATION: Pittsburgh, PA Church Installs Large Digital and Pipe Combination Organ
Third Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, recently installed a new digital and pipe combination organ in their main church. The new Four-Manual custom Allen organ contains 96 ranks of digital voices and 81 ranks of pipes. The console finish was also matched to the elaborate wood architecture found within the church, making this organ a stunning sight to see, and hear!

Additionally, an Allen Organ Diane Bish Designer Series digital organ that was used in the church while the new organ was being built, has been installed within Third Presbyterian's Chapel.

To find out more behind-the-scenes information about this organ and the massive pipe interface system, check out our Video On The Web section below!

You can also see more details about this one-of-a-kind organ by clicking here,

Photograph by Jeff Kirk,
Allen Organ Pittsburgh Representative

Allen Video on the Web - Large Hybrid Organ Project

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our work that we don't stop to think it might be fascinating to others. But, we completed a project recently that even those of us who work on unusual projects all the time realized was worth sharing.

The result: two un-edited videos, each almost ten minutes long. (Yes, that's a lot of time!) And, they come with a STRONG PARENTAL WARNING: These videos were: MADE BY ORGAN GEEKS SPECIFICALLY FOR OTHER ORGAN GEEKS. So, if you enjoy big organ instruments, especially digital pipe-combination organs, then these videos provide insight into the capabilities, technology and passion that make each of our special projects unique, world-class instruments. This organ was installed in Third Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA. Enjoy!

 Watch Video:  Third Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh - Part 1

 Watch Video:  Third Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh - Part 2

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Nothing tells the Allen story better than the sound of our instruments. Recordings of an Allen organ are the next best thing to hearing one in person. In each e-notes we feature a few selections that demonstrate the pipe-like quality of our digital organs in a wide variety of musical styles. Featured here are a few selections relevant to the Spring season! Enjoy!

To Download: right click on the song title, then click "Save As".

Classical Selection • Toccata on "Christ the Lord"; C. & J. Wesley (arr. Bish)
Performer: Diane Bish
From: Diane Bish Organ Favorites

Religious Selection • The Old Rugged Cross; George Bennard (arr. H. DeCou)
Performer: Harold DeCou
From: Bravo! Performances by Allen Artists

Theatre Selection • On A Spring Note; Sidney Torch
Performer: Thomas Hazleton
From: Just A Bird's Eye View

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Thank you all for your votes last month and for your enthusiasm! The previous Organ of the Month winner was the Heritage™ Custom Finish Exterior/Oak Finish Interior Five-Manual. Click the link below to visit the AllenOrgan.com site for photos and more!

Choose your favorite from the list below. In the next issue of e-notes, we will let you know which one of these beauties was the readers' choice for Organ of the Month!

For Mar./Apr. 2017 the contestants are:
• Bravura™ with optional Drawknob Package Solid Wood Music Rack Walnut Finish Three-Manual
• French-terrace-style Custom Finish Three-Manual
• Bravura™ with optional Drawknob Package Walnut Finish Three-Manual
• Rudy Lucente Designer Series Walnut Finish Exterior/Oak Finish Interior Three-Manual
• French-terrace-style Cherry Walnut Finish Three-Manual
• Allen Organ Oak Finish Exterior/Walnut Finish Interior Three-Manual
• Allen Organ Pipe/Digital Combination Oak Finish Exterior/Curly-Maple Finish Interior Four-Manual

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