Inspiring Congregations Video Contest

The Inspiring Congregations
Video Contest
for 2016/2017
has concluded.
Watch for announcement
of the Grand Winner!

For over 75 years, Allen organs have been inspiring generations of worshipers. And while every Allen organ is built, from the ground up, in America, it's church musicians around the world that make them inspirational! Now, Allen Organ Company is giving churches like yours the opportunity to share their inspiration and a chance to benefit your church's music program at the same time. Starting in April, and the following twelve months, we will judge videos received during the month, proclaim a winner, send the winner a plaque stating that they are the winner of the "Inspiring Congregations" contest for that month, and receive a check for $100.00 made out to the church's music ministry! We will also post the winning video on our Facebook page, in e-notes, and our website for all to see!

Then, after twelve months, we will choose one of the monthly winners as the "Inspiring Congregations Grand Winner" and a representative of the Allen Organ Company will visit their church to present the church's music ministry with a check for $1,000.00!