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"French Terraced-Style" 37 Stop, Two-Manual Organ

Demonstrating its engineering flexibility and creativity, Allen Organ Company has built a custom French Terraced-Style, Two-Manual 37 Stop organ featuring the Company's technology.

The console's most striking feature is its oak-finish side panels inlayed with rosewood, coordinating with rosewood drawknob stems and rosewood sharp keys on the keyboards and pedalboard. The drawknob faces are maple, with sequential numbering and reeds engraved in red. The console has a lighted, acrylic music rack/pedal light package, parallel keybeds, and square-style keycheeks.

Bob Bonner selected the Schlicker stop specification from Allen's Stoplist Library™. In addition to the Schlicker stop list, this custom organ includes six alternate stop lists, any of which can be invoked in a few seconds, making this unique instrument both visually stunning and musically versatile!

Lance Luce, Church Organ Manager, Evola Music Centers writes:

Dear Fellow Organists,

"If you Dream It-they will Make It" may not have quite the same ring to it as the "other" catchy title, but to Bob Bonner it means a lot more. His dream has been built and is making beautiful music in his home. It didn't happen in the blink of an eye... it actually took 9 months.

From inception to delivery, Bob and the designers of the Allen Organ Company (with some help from me) created a one-of-a-kind work of art French Terraced-Style Two-Manual Organ that is as beautiful to look at as it sounds. We started with Bob's "Wish List" of what he would love to have on his organ and then expanded it from there. Bob provided me with some pictures of organs that included some of the design features he wanted and we sent those to the Allen Organ Company in Pennsylvania. They took those dreams and began to form the basis of an organ that had never been made before.

The Allen Organ Company found itself in new territory. They had made a three-manual version of a French Terraced Console, but had never before created a two manual version. Bob had other design details that he wanted to include, such as the distinctive Rosewood inlays on the sides of the top part of the console.

And Bob Bonner writes:

Mr. Jim Evola, President, Evola Music, Canton, Michigan

Dear Jim,

I want to let you know how elated I am with my "Evola Experience" during the planning, creation, and installation of our new Allen Renaissance Quantum Organ. All goals and expectations for a finely crafted musical instrument have been exceeded in every respect.

To this end, many skilled individuals effectively coordinated all aspects of this nine-month project. My thanks and appreciation is extended to Lance Luce, Evola Church Music Consultant, for effectively communicating all custom design details with the Allen technical staff in Pennsylvania. Lance's technical product knowledge was essential and always evident in this process and his commitment to total client satisfaction was always a priority.

Lance's administrative staff is also to be commended for their friendly and effective handling of information, records and other data.

Finally, the Allen Organ Company receives my gratitude and regard for upholding the highest musical standard of quality and craftsmanship in the creation of this custom musical instrument of moderate size. Every detail has been perfectly interpreted and executed by dedicated and experienced artisans.

My thanks again to you, Jim, and the Evola team for allowing me to realize a musical dream.

Kindest regards, Bob Bonner

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Home of Bob Bonner
Home of Bob Bonner
Home of Bob Bonner