ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 12/07/09

Sure to attract attention, this 37 Stop / Two-Manual Quantum Q265D instrument is built in oak,
French-terrace-style console with parallel keyboards.
It features Allen's Stoplist Library™ with Schlicker stop list as its main specification.

The console features:

  • Rosewood inlays on console side panels
  • Lighted, acrylic music rack
  • Sequentially-numbered drawknobs with rosewood stems and maple faces; reeds engraved in red
  • Keyboards: rosewood sharps with white naturals
  • Red felt above manuals
  • Zimbelstern (toe stud)
  • Pedal light
  • Pedalboard: rosewood sharps with maple naturals
  • Expression nameplates mounted on pedalboard
  • Allen Vista™