ORGAN OF THE WEEK ~ 11/09/18

This Three-Manual Curved French-Terrace-Style Custom Allen Organ
is scheduled for installation in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The console features:

  • Curved French Terrace Console Upgrade, 2-piece
  • Drawknob Package
  • French Drawknobs with Rosewood stems and Maple inserts
  • Rosewood Rockertabs
  • Maple Rockertabs for GeniSys Voices
  • Custom finish
  • Adjustable lighted lattice music rack
  • Adjustable bench
  • Custom Engravings (Uppercase & Reeds engraved in red)
  • "SK" Style Keycheeks
  • Reed Switch Keying
  • Allen Keyboards; Parallel with Rosewood Sharps
  • GeniSys™ Voices
  • Expression Nameplates on Pedalboard
  • Page Turn Kit
  • Audio Upgrade - 16 channels