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Thank you for purchasing an Allen Organ.
A written warranty will be forwarded to the address below in about three weeks.

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Please answer the following questions to help us serve our customers' present and future requirements.

1. Where is your new Allen Organ installed?  Church
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2. Did your new Allen organ replace an existing organ?  Yes
 No (If no, proceed to #6)
3. Builder of your previous organ:  None
4. Age of previous organ:  years
5. The old organ was replaced because:  Difficult to service
 Inferior quality
 Difficult to obtain parts
 Inferior sound
 Worn out
 Insufficient size
6. What other organs were considered?  Hammond
 Church Organ Systems
7. Please indicate the reason(s) why you chose an Allen organ:  Sound
 Quality of construction
 Smart MIDI
 Traditional moving stop controls
8. Please indicate how you first heard of Allen Organs:  Magazine advertising
 Allen organ dealer
 Heard Allen organ in a church
 Direct mail advertising
 Recommended by Allen owner
 Heard Allen organ recording
9. Would you recommend an Allen Organ to other churches or individuals?  Yes

10. Do you know of anyone that we could assist with their organ requirements?

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