MIDI File Downloads

  • MIDI Files Instructions
    • These sequences are Standard MIDI format files and may be played using the Allen MIDI Assistant™, Smart Recorder™, Sebastian™ or other Standard MIDI file playback devices. The Sequences contain imbedded information that will automatically registrate Allen Quantum™, Bravura™, Protégé™, Chapel™, MDS™ or Renaissance™ based instruments, without affecting their capture settings. Other instruments will need to be registered by hand.
    • Using files with a MIDI Assistant or Smart Recorder:
      Download and unzip the files, following the Download Instructions below. If using a MIDI Assistant, copy the files to the MIDI Assistant USB FLASH memory device. Insert the USB FLASH in the MIDI Assistant and play. If using a Smart Recorder, copy the unzipped files to a 3 1/2" floppy disk. Insert floppy disk in the Smart Recorder and play.
    • Using files with Allen's PDA Software and Sebastian™:
      Download and unzip the files following the Download Instructions below. Copy the unzipped files to your PDA. Using the Advanced Recorder of Sebastian, access and play the file.
    • Using files with other standard MIDI file sequencers or play-back devices:
      Consult the owners' manuals of your device for details.
  • Download Instructions
    • Downloads on this page are compressed into ".zip" format.
    • Click on the file you wish to download
    • Click "Save" to save the file to your hard-drive.
    • When the download is complete, locate the .zip file you downloaded (ex: in Windows Explorer), then double click the file to uncompress it.