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Length: 25:05
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Music from the Chancel

Music from the Chancel™


Great performances from brilliant artists including Thomas Hazleton, Carlo Curley and Aram Basmadjian. A variety of musical styles from Bach to Handel including sounds of the Allen VISTA™ MIDI sound module. Big and glorious sounds from Allen's Chancel™ organs.

  • Selections Recorded:
    • Psalm XIX - Marcello
    • Aria and Variations - Handel
    • This is My Father's World - arr. T. Hazleton
    • Jesus Shall Reign - arr. T. Hazleton
    • Little Fugue in g minor - J.S. Bach
    • Moment Musicale - Schubert, arr. C. Curley
    • The Water is Wide - Hegarty (MIDI: VISTA)
    • Trumpet Tune - Hegarty (MIDI: VISTA)