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Length: 67:08
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Quantum Musical Experience

A Quantum Musical Experience

Dr. Roger Nyquist, Organist


Dr. Roger Nyquist devotes his full time to an active concert career, while also doing private organ teaching and composition. Dr. Nyquist's performance explores each of Quantum's unique Quad Suite's™ stop lists, through a wide gamut of styles and composers. This recording was produced in "real" time-there was no editing or computer manipulation.

  • Selections Recorded:
    • Fanfare: Hosanna! Hosanna! -- D. Eliot
    • Three Chorale Preludes -- J.S. Bach:
        1. Whither Shall I Flee, S. 646 (2 verses)
        2. My hear is filled with longing, S. 727
        3. Rejoice, beloved Christians, S. 734
    • Fantasie and Fugue on Bach -- F. Liszt
    • Prelude in Classic Style -- G. Young
    • Aria -- P. Manz
    • Solemn Prelude -- A. Rowley
    • The Children of God -- O. Messiaen
    • Toccata in G Major -- T. Dubois
    • Song of Peace -- J. Langlais
    • Intermezzo -- L. Vierne
    • Choral in A Minor -- C. Franck
    • Acoustic Portrait™ Demonstration