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Masterworks for Organ

Masterworks for Organ, Vol. 1

Devon Hollingsworth, Organist


Eleven invigorating performances on the Austin/Allen Combination organ in Christ Church of Oak Brook, Illinois, demonstrate the range of the instrument's 80-ranks of pipes, 40 digital voices, and built-in Allen MDS-Expander II. Mr. Hollingsworth's artistic use of the Antiphonal, Positiv and String Divisions, combined with Allen's Renaissance™ technology, will leave you wanting to hear more!

  • Selections Recorded:
    • Grand Chorus in A Major - A. Guilmant
    • Variations on the Doxology - D. Bedard
    • Final - C. Frank
    • Solemn Melody - W. Davies
    • Fugue On The 94th Psalm - J. Reubke
    • Tuba Tune - S. Saxton
    • Litanies - J. Alain
    • Fanfare - J. Cook
    • Tuba Tune - C. Lang
    • Chorale In A Minor - C. Frank