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Triumphs and Trials of an Organ Builder

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Triumphs and Trials of an Organ Builder

by Jerome Markowitz, Founder of Allen Organ Company
Published in 1989

The world today revolves on digital sound. Telecommunications, TV, Facebook®, YouTube®, iTunes®, Pandora®, CD recordings, DVD's and innumerable other devices and services of our daily lives could not exist without digital sound.

And, the story of where and how it all started is fascinating.

The first digital-sound-based products didn't come from large electronics corporations as you might suppose. Instead, they were developed by an organ builder in Macungie, PA. And, even more remarkably, the first place this technology found a home was in church! This uniquely American story of innovation, perseverance and intrigue is a must-read for anyone interested in the roots of digital sound!

Written by Allen's founder Jerome Markowitz, this story of digital sound, "Triumphs and Trials of an Organ Builder" is available in paperback and as a Kindle edition on Amazon.

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