Allen Organ at the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia

Shown at an Allen Quantum™ three-manual organ, the organist rehearses with the orchestra prior to the World Youth Day event.

In Spring of 2008, Allen Organ Company was pleased to provide organs for the public events that were part of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States. In July 2008, the Company also provided an instrument for use at the Pope's celebration of Mass at World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia. The following link shows the Allen instrument prominently. In this clip, the organ plays, solo, during the last part of the procession (approximately 7 minutes into the segment, lasting for approx. 4 minutes)

Special thanks to Jim Clinch, the Allen Organ representative for New South Wales, and to his associate John Kenny for their efforts in helping to make Allen's participation in this world event a huge success. Also, special thanks to the organist, Bernard Kirkpatrick who played the instrument so well.