The Virgil Fox Allen Touring Organ

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Mon., May 15, 1978

Virgil Fox Gives a Good Show
by Herbert Nuechterlein

...After the intermission and a change of costume, Fox transported his audience from Bach to late Romantic French via a Joplin rag. The organ's harp stop and the soft lush strings were wiped out by a loud hum from the projector for the special lighting effects. Dupré's "Prelude and Fugue in S Minor" was another "heavy" that was brought to life with stunning execution. Franck's "Piece Heroique" and the Alain "Litanies" were followed by that popular war horse, "Toccata" from Widor's "Symphony No. 5."

By this time Fox had the 1,800 patrons cheering and hollering for more. He loved it as much as the audience. There were four encores with standing ovations between each one. After two hours and 45 minutes, the indefatigable Fox, now in his 51st year of concertizing, seemed as alert and energetic as at the start.

Mansfield OH, February 22, 1978

Crowd couldn't get hear enough of Virgil Fox
by Melodie Ann Gross

...The famed organist was the guest artist with the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra, performing to a nearly full auditorium. He was super, and the crowd gave him multiple standing ovations.

Fox was featured on Joseph Jongen's brilliant Symphonie Concertante. It was a tremendous performance, accompanied in fine style by the orchestra, under the direction of guest conductor James Martin.

...In the final section, the toccata, Fox really showed the audience what his fantastic Allen organ could do. The musicians as well as the listeners were totally caught up on the current of excitement which ran throughout the auditorium. It was practically overwhelming....

Mansfield OH, February 22, 1978

Bring music to people, organist Fox exhorts
by Melodie Ann Gross

..."It's great to come where the people are!" said Fox in reference to his performance with the local orchestra. He noted contrary to popular belief, all life and musical happenings do not take place in New York....