The Virgil Fox Allen Touring Organ

The Evening Bulletin, Wednesday, February 1, 1978

Organist Fox Is Dazzling
by James Felton, Bulletin Music Critic

...His recital last night proved again that the theatrical genius of Fox could draw a large audience and bring it to its feet with undisguised joy at climactic moments...

...Nor can it be denied that he produced moments of beauty and subtle coloration last night that show the man's sensitivity. Nothing excelled the Choral Prelude in B-Flat From Cantata No. 22 for gentleness and Fox's organ at its singing best...

A New Show on the Road, Keyboard World, May 1979

Virgil Fox and the New Allen Organ Applauded by Critics
by Albert Hofammann, Call Chronicle Arts Editor

Developments in electronic organ technology continue, and perhaps the leader in such improvements is Allen Organ Company, Macungie, Pennsylvania. At least Virgil Fox, the organ virtuoso whose international popularity eclipses that accorded any organist of our time, apparently thinks the Allen organ is tops in the field. Fox recently had Allen build a touring organ to his specifications, bought the instrument and gave it a trial run in several concerts to critics' approval not only of the Fox extraordinary virtuosity but also of the sound of the organ itself.

Fox played his touring Allen in about 50 concerts throughout the United States and Canada for more than 100,000 listeners in the few months since the instrument was completed at the organ company plant in Macungie. The shakedown cruise went smoothly, without a single technical difficulty. Fox told one concert reviewer, "Jerome Markowitz is probably the twentieth century's greatest thinker and creator in this field of music." (Markowitz is the president of Allen Organ.)