MIDI, Audio Products and Speakers

MIDI was developed in the 1980's for synthesizers. Although early synthesizers could produce a variety of sounds, only a few sounds could be played simultaneously. To overcome this, an interconnect language, MIDI, was developed to allow multiple instruments to be connected and controlled by a single keyboard.

MIDI soon found applications for organs. Besides traditional sounds, organs could now provide contemporary ones by controlling synthesizers. Also, MIDI sequencers enabled organ music to be stored on computer discs for automatic playback.

Allen Organs and Allen MIDI products are designed to work with all MIDI protocols including General, XG and GS MIDI. Flexibility, sophisticated sounds and ease of use are trademarks of Allen MIDI products.

Audio Products and Speakers

Expanded Audio Capabilities
Allen Organs are capable of also serving as audio systems for expanded music programs for use with today's dynamic music ministries. For Allen organs equipped with EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities), CD players, electronic keyboards and guitars and other instruments can be amplified and broadcast through the high-quality audio system of the organ. At the same time, the organist can play the Allen Organ.

Speaker Cabinets
Allen loudspeakers bring out the best in organ sounds. Certain sounds are often severely garbled by typical consumer grade "audiophile" speakers used in the digital organ industry. Allen, with its Renaissance Quantum™ technology and Herald™ speaker line, faithfully recreates the peaks accurately and at the intensity needed for the true "feel" and majesty of the pipe organ. Plus, our loudspeakers eliminate the need for a "third audio system" when your organ is equipped with EAC™-Praise Bands can accompany the organ on the organ's sound system while vocals are handled by your separate PA system.