Diane Bish





When Diane Bish heard her first Renaissance™ organ, she became so impressed with its tonal integrity and quality that she asked Allen Organ Company to jointly develop a series of instruments with her own special design touches. The result: the unique Diane Bish Signature Series Organs that bring a touch of Diane to churches throughout the world.

  • Diane Bish Signature Series™
    Console Features:
    • Diane Bish Signature Series™ brass plaque
    • Deep cherry finish with custom high-gloss accents
    • Special illuminated theatre-style wood music rack and square side overlays
    • Matching finish locking roll-top console and lift-lid bench with storage area
    • Red Tutti buttons and red felt keyboard treatments
    • Red drawknob engravings for Reed and Orchestral voices, green for Couplers
    • Six complete stop lists: Classic Allen, Cavaillé-Coll, Schlicker, English Cathedral, Aeolian-Skinner and Arp Schnitger

Diane Bish

Concert and recording artist, composer, conductor and international television personality, Diane Bish has displayed her dazzling virtuosity and unique showmanship the world over. Her performances have been hailed by critics as "stunning, virtuoso, fiery, and astonishing". Through numerous recordings, concerts and weekly television appearances, Diane Bish is the most visible American organist today.

Diane is perhaps best known through the international television series, The Joy of Music, in which she combines exhilarating organ and ensemble performances with an informative, inspirational narrative and exciting world travel. In 25 years, over 500 programs have been taped in famous cathedrals and concert halls on the organs of the world!

In 1989, Diane was awarded the National Citation by the National Federation of Music Clubs of America "for distinguished service to the musical, artistic, and cultural life of the nation," considered to be the Federation's highest honor. Diane Bish shares this rare distinction with such legends as Leonard Bernstein, Eugene Ormandy, Van Cliburn, Robert Shaw, Irving Berlin and Fred Waring.