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GeniSys Voices provide the tonal diversity of a comprehensive stop list to even the most modest instruments. GeniSys Voices set a new standard for organist-friendly operation and include sounds that enhance every style of worship and organ literature!
  • HD Sound
  • 2 Dedicated GeniSys Voice Stops per Organ Division
  • Over 250 different voices - organ stops, Grand Pianos, orchestral, keyboard and percussion voices
  • Adjustable volume and tuning per voice
  • Voice assignments remain until changed by organist
  • Voices capture to organ pistons
  • Voices can couple between Divisions
GeniSys - the most advanced Organ Console Control system available! Through unique network architecture, GeniSys "future-proofs" the organ, simplifying customization and in-field upgrades.
  • Four-line LCD Display
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Hymn-Player™ with over 150 pre-recorded hymns
  • Performance Player with hundreds of pre-recorded selections
  • Sequencer with record and playback capabilities
  • MIDI configuration tools
  • Piston configuration capability
  • User-defined Crescendo and Tuttis
  • USB Save and Load for virtually unlimited capture memory