The world's easiest-to-use and most powerful console interface, GENISYS Display's full-color touch-screen makes console control a "snap" without the complicated controls and cryptic messages of other systems.

GENISYS Display indicates:
  • Expression Levels
  • Tutti and Crescendo status
  • Current Stop List
  • Transposer setting
  • Piston and Memory Level Status
  • GeniSys Voice selection

GENISYS Display controls:
Simply touch the Display to control any listed feature. Transpose pitch, change Memory Levels, or select from a wide array of other options. Allen's exclusive GENISYS Display puts the joy back into performance by making console control simple!
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with GeniSys Voices!
GeniSys Voices provide the tonal diversity of a comprehensive stop list to even the most modest instruments. GeniSys Voices set a new standard for organist-friendly operation and include sounds that enhance every style of worship and organ literature!
  • HD Sound
  • 2 Dedicated GeniSys Voice Stops per Organ Division
  • Over 250 different voices - organ stops, Grand Pianos, orchestral, keyboard and percussion voices - All shown live on GENISYS Display
  • Adjustable Volume and Tuning per voice
  • Voice assignments remain until changed by organist
  • Voices capture to organ pistons
  • Voices can couple between Divisions