Allen Portatif
Pipe Façade / Speaker Option

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The Allen Portatif™ speaker enclosure and façade is a wonderful way to augment Allen consoles with 4-channel, self-contained audio systems. Portatif™ becomes an integral part of the organ console.

The façade features a center section of polished pipework, flanked by gloss maple embellishments. Portatif's upward-facing 4-channel speaker system parallels the instrument's kneeboard audio system, creating omni-directional and room-filling sound.

Contact your Allen representative for a complete list
of the instruments to which Portatif can be added.

Add the look and ambiance of real pipes to your Allen with Portatif!

Portatif includes a high fidelity, four-channel audio system that speaks from the top of the cabinet. The audio system parallels and beautifully augments the console kneeboard speakers. This option is ideal for organ owners who prefer the traditional appearance of a self-contained pipe organ and for rooms where the addition of an external audio system may be impractical.