Underwood Memorial Baptist Church of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Combination Pipe and Allen Digital Instrument

Historic Underwood Memorial Baptist Church is the home of an Allen Three-Manual console. When the church's Kimball pipe organ, dating back to the 1930s, came due for major restoration work, the church decided to explore the possibilities of an Allen pipe organ-betterment project. Twenty-two sets of the choicest pipes from the Kimball were reused and now play in combination with 68 Allen digital stops.

The audio speaker component of the instrument is placed immediately behind the imposing facade of the organ's pipes. The combination of the pipes and the Allen speakers create a wonderfully broad band of sound. The large array of classic and romantic organ sounds allow for the easy and authentic playing of all of the organ literature. The acceptance of this grand organ has been unaminous on the part of the congregation. Mr. John Sheaffer is the organist of the church. He comments that this organ is the finest instrument of the many organs he has played in his career.