Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Combination Pipe and Allen Digital Instrument

The large, contemporary Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church located on Milwaukee's urban south side is the home of an Allen three-manual organ console which incorporates the full resources of the church's 18-rank two-manual pipe organ, resulting in a grand ensemble of 46 stops that must be heard to be appreciated. In preparation for the Allen installation the church underwent rennovation and redecoration: elegant marble tiles in dark green and white were placed throughout the nave of the church. New walnut pews were later installed. The worship room had wonderful, cathedral-like acoustics before the rennovation took place-the changes only enhanced the acoustics, making the church an even more stirring setting for the singing of hymns. The church's musical program, under the direction of Mr. Chris Koleske, also has made great use of the wonderful performance environment and complements the dynamic spiritual leadership of Father James Jablonowski. Plans for the future include placing a second Allen console at the front of the church for use with the school children's choirs as well as cantors, song leaders, and soloists.