Marriott Center, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
BYU Installs Custom 79 Stop Four-Manual Quantum™

The Marriott Center at Brigham Young University is not only home to Cougar basketball, but also hosts devotionals, forums, firesides, commencement exercises, concerts and pageants. For such events, a large organ is needed to support congregational singing, campus choirs and orchestras, as well as other various musical events.

The criteria for the organ of this 22,700 seat arena included a large specification with a large audio system. The instrument also had to be portable to accommodate a variety of events and different set-up configurations. The 79 stop, Four-Manual Quantum™ organ was built with three large movable dollies that contain the organ's custom audio system. The console is mounted on a movable platform so the entire instrument can be moved to a storage area. The organ is also equipped with a small audio system and headphone jacks to allow students and faculty to rehearse while the organ is in storage. The organ is mainly used for the university's weekly televised devotionals.