First Methodist Church, Houston, Texas
Four-Manual Allen, Three-Manual Allen, and Two-Manual Allen Instruments
the third largest Methodist Church in the United States installs three Allen organs!

Houston's First Methodist Church, with 12,325 members, worships in two locations in order to keep its formidable downtown presence and to reach out to the rapidly growing suburbs 15 miles to the west. Dr. William H. Hinson is the dynamic and visionary senior pastor.

The landmark downtown sanctuary has installed a new two-manual Allen in the chapel alongside the church's existing 118 rank Aeolian Skinner pipe organ. Ken Axelson is Director of Music Ministries, Michael Stuart is the organist, and Dr. Asbury Lenox is the Executive Pastor of the downtown congregation.

The adjoining Hinson Chapel enjoys the sound of a new three-manual Allen. Richard Keith is the Director of Worship and Fine Arts, Dr. Danny Kelly is the organist and Rev. Rob Renfroe is the Executive Pastor of the Westchase ministry.

Houston First Methodist
Houston First Methodist

Mr. Keith compares the leadership of the Allen Organ Company, Macungie, Pennsylvania - the world's largest builder of organs-with that of the church. He points out "the long standing tradition of superb design and craftsmanship that Allen builds into each of its instruments," and states that "Allen is simply the best. Ask any of our church members!"

At the new 40 acre Westchase Campus-with a worship center seating 2,300-is a large four-manual Renaissance. This world-class instrument speaks from six main chambers plus an antiphonal chamber using over 160 speaker cabinets. The organ was dedicated by Dr. Joyce Jones of Baylor University.

Houston First Methodist