Nashville, Tennessee
Large Three-Manual Combination Home Organ


Michael Belote, Organist and Director of Music for the parish of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, had originally purchased and installed a small pipe organ in his living room-a six-rank Delaware "practice organ" from a school in Virginia. However, it didn't take him long to want more tonal variety than six unenclosed pipe ranks can provide.

It was decided to use an Allen three-manual console with solid maple drawknob shanks to echo the coloring of the pipe windchest. The pipe-work is "at home" on the Great division of the Allen, using the "add pipes" and "substitute pipes" controls for maximum combination possibilities. With the flexibility of Allen's "build it like the customer wants it" philosophy and advanced technology, Mike now enjoys the best of both worlds. Mike and Herman also worked together to integrate his MIDI keyboard into the package. With the versatility of Allen's SmartMIDI™, Mike has complete control of forty-eight digital pipe stops, six wind-blown pipe ranks, and a MIDI keyboard-all from the beautiful Renaissance custom console! Mike says, "I'm lucky to have a lot of music-loving neighbors. Often when I'm practicing I'll look out and see several folks gathered on the grassy area in front of the house, enjoying all the sounds of my custom Allen organ!"