First Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Combination Pipe and Digital Instrument

First Baptist

An Allen console now controls 64 ranks of Allen digital stops and the historic 24 ranks of Ernest M. Skinner windblown pipes in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, First Baptist Church's grand organ. "I'm looking forward to the process of blending these voices to create a magnificent instrument that we all can be proud of," states Pat Parris, Organist. Established in 1843, First Baptist Church is centrally located in downtown Murfreesboro.

Including an MDS-Expander II™ and Smart Recorder™, the Allen console looks resplendent in a handsome two-tone cherry walnut and gloss cherry walnut finish. The existing pipes are from a memorial organ which was dedicated to the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Todd. The Skinner Organ Company-at that time considered the finest and most innovative builder of organs-built the instrument in 1925. Ernest M. Skinner's approach to organ building was to recreate effects and voices of the orchestra, while giving more freedom and control to the organist.

There are five divisions in the Murfreeesboro organ: Swell, Great, Echo, Choir and Pedal. All divisions, except the Great and Pedal, are enclosed and use movable wooden shades to control their volume. Facing the organ, the Choir is located on the left, the Great in the middle, the Pedal on the right, the Swell division is on the top level, while the Echo is located in the balcony. This combination organ once again demonstrates the bright and brilliant sounds that Mr. Skinner originally intended. Allen Organ is pleased to have helped preserve and upgrade this fine organ.