Central Baptist Church of Bearden, Knoxville, Tennessee
Allen/Schantz Combination Pipe and Digital Instrument


Central Baptist Church of Bearden celebrated the completion of their Allen/Schantz combination organ with a concert by Diane Bish in Knoxville, Tennessee. Ms. Bish showcased the vast resources of the organ to a capacity audience of approximately 1,400. With four-manuals and 106 speaking stops, it is the largest organ in eastern Tennessee.

The organ is a combination of the church's thirty-one rank 1959 Schantz pipe organ, enhanced with 63 new Allen digital stops. R.A. Colby, Inc. of Johnson City Tennessee completely renovated the wind blown portion of the organ. The new four four-manual custom console and digital enhancements were built by the Allen Organ Company.

Wendell Boertje, Minister of Music at Central Baptist Church of Bearden, commented on the new combination organ in the church newsletter. "The combination of our new Allen Organ with its digital stops and the repaired and revitalized pipes offers us great versatility and dependability. We are now prepared for new and varied musical expressions in worship as we move into the new century!"