St. Peter's Lutheran, Lexington, South Carolina
Combination Pipe and Diane Bish Signature Series 63-stop Edition Instrument

A truly beautiful and supremely functional installation, the Diane Bish Signature Series organ of St. Peter's Lutheran incorporates a custom pipe façade that is cantilevered in front of the chamber openings and houses part of the speaker system. This unique cantilever design also allows the floor of the chambers to be raised to the height of the openings to enhance certain ranks. The main organ audio equipment, using modified existing chambers, is installed in the pipe façade cabinets and includes ten full range speaker cabinets, four bass cabinets, and eight presence projectors. The antiphonal organ's audio equipment is installed in an existing chamber at the rear of the church, about 30 feet above the floor. This installation also includes a Swell Antiphonal organ. St. Peter's organ sound is described as superlative. Options selected by St. Peter's include an Allen Smart Recorder™ and a MIDI Division II™.

The present sanctuary, built in 1953, is the fourth house of worship in the church's 221-plus year history. St. Peter's large, landscaped complex is located in a beautiful but rapidly growing rural area. Their previous organ, an Allen TC-1, provided exemplary service to the congregation and established a deep appreciation for Allen tone and quality. Their new Diane Bish Signature 63-stop organ is an integral part of the church's plan to significantly expand their ability to meet their growing worship and educational needs.