First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, South Carolina
Five-Manual Combination Casavant Pipe and Allen Digital Organ

First Baptist

First Baptist, Spartanburg, recently celebrated the dedication of their new Allen Organ. It controls an Allen/Casavant pipe and digital combination instrument. An inspired performance by world-renowned organist Tom Hazleton was the musical culmination of the celebration. The new five-manual Allen custom console interfaces 76 ranks of Casavant pipes with 72 Allen digital voices.

Widely recognized as having one of the top music ministries in the Southeastern United States, First Baptist is a "Fellowship of Encouragement" of several thousand members. Live services are broadcast on CBS regionally each Sunday. Dr. Don Wilton is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church.

In the accompanying photo, Carolyn Hamlin, well-known composer and Allen representative, chats with Brian Dailey (left) and Reverend Steve Skinner (right). Mr. Dailey is the Music Assistant and organist for the church. Rev. Skinner is Minister of Music, directing a choir of over 200 members.