St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran, Schaefferstown, PA
50 Stop Three-Manual Allen Digital Organ

When St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church in Schaefferstown, PA needed a new organ, their Organ Committee went out to "listen" to various models, makes and sizes. They turned to Allen after falling in love with the rich sound of a Three-Manual 50 Stop digital organ.

Organist Kirk Garner was so impressed with their new digital organ that he wrote to Allen Organ: "We love our new Allen organ! I'm spending many hours practicing on this wonderful organ. As a pipe organ tech for thirty years, I think the Allen organ is the best digital organ in the world. It is because of the sound and how they are made. They are a good investment for any church to make, and they last a long time. To everyone at the Allen Organ Company, keep up the good work, and I hope your company is around for many years to come."

The pipe facade at St. Luke's dates back to 1810 when a one-manual, six stop organ was first installed by Christian Dieffenbach. The pipes were "decorated" in 1885 by Thomas Dieffenbach.

St. Luke Evangelical
St. Luke Evangelical
St. Luke Evangelical

Photography supplied by Kirk Garner