East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Allen Elite™ Three-Manual Organ

Opus III is a custom Three-Manual, 78-Stop organ that was recently completed at East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The instrument replaces a three-manual Allen installed originally in 1977.

Opus III offers a rich specification including a floating Echo division located in the rear gallery of the church. The vast tonal resources of the instrument were carefully selected to meet the musical requirements of the church's music program.

The Elite Opus III console is in itself, a work of art, finished in walnut and beautifully accented with maple. The custom drawknob stems are artfully crafted and feature maple faces. The keyboard and pedalboard sharps are made from exotic rosewood.

Allen Elite instruments utilize a no-compromises approach to organ building. To this end, the custom audio system utilized in Opus III enables the characteristics of specific voices to be optimized by utilizing specialized speakers. Most voices are also interleaved into four different audio channels creating a sonic result that is clear and spacious. The installation at East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church has an audio system with 38 audio channels.

The organ was formally dedicated on Sunday, September 28, 2008 by guest organist, Aram Basmadjian.

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