St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
58 Stop Three-Manual Allen Organ

St. Paul's organ project had been under consideration for many years but took on a new urgency with the planned renovation of the entire sanctuary. The passage of time and water damage had rendered their 95-year-old pipe organ no longer playable.

Various possibilities were explored, including renovation of the old pipe organ, marrying the pipes to a new digital organ, or total organ replacement. When it had been playable the old pipe organ spoke from a "buried" chamber off the chancel, which overwhelmed the front of the church with sound while people seated in the rear did not hear it properly. Entering into the decision was the plan to remove the sanctuary's pews and replace them with flexible seating to accommodate different worship styles and community events. The organ console would need to be moved to different positions around the room.

The cost of rebuilding of the pipe organ was far above the available budget, as well as musically insufficient to meet the needs of David Lofton, Music Director. A consummate organist and concert pianist, as well as Master Vocal Coach at the Academy of Vocal Arts and The Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, Mr. Lofton required a wide tonal palette and felt that a new Allen would be the correct choice for St. Paul's.

Mr. Lofton has found the flexibility of Quad Suite™ voicing in the new Allen organ, along with MIDI additions of the Allen Vista™ unit and an Allen Smart Recorder™ to be perfectly suited to his wide repertoire. A custom organ dolly (there are four separate connections in each corner of the room) allows the organ to be moved wherever desired. Separate front and rear audio systems provide a full audio spectrum.

Mr. Lofton and the Rev. Marisa Herrera, Rector, are thoroughly pleased with this new instrument. They agree "It is a thrill to be able to tickle the ear and shake the soul, offering great music of praise and inspiration!"

St. Paul Episcopal