St. Francis of Assisi
Norristown, Pennsylvania
80 Stop Three-Manual Quantum™ Organ

St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Norristown, PA, is home to a new Allen Quantum 80 Stop Three-Manual organ. This beautiful sanctuary, with nearly five seconds of reverberation, provides a wonderful setting for the large digital instrument. Rev. Vincent Welsh, pastor of St. Francis, sees the organ as a wonderful tool with which to nurture the parish's worship and music programs. The organ was given in memory of a former pastor, the late Rev. Kevin Trautner. Installation was by Grafton Piano & Organ Company of Souderton, PA. Consultants to Father Welsh were Frank K.J. Orman and Rudy Lucente, who also did the tonal finishing.

The dedication service and concert was played by both Mssrs. Orman and Lucente, with liturgical selections by the choir of St. Francis with music director Michael Maresca. Solo vocal selections were presented by sopranos Sarah Agnew and Clare Lucente. The full church was indicative of the congregation's appreciation of Father Trautner and the new organ in his memory.