Reformation Lutheran Church, Media, Pennsylvania
58 Stop Three-Manual Renaissance Quantum™ by Allen

Allen Organ Representative Grafton Piano and Organ Company, Souderton, Pennsylvania, recently installed a Three-Manual, 58 Stop Allen Renaissance Quantum Organ in the sanctuary of Reformation Lutheran Church in Media, Pennsylvania. The all-digital instrument is one of the company's new Quantum™ series instruments, consisting of four completely-independent 58-stop specifications: American Classic, French Romantic, Neo-Baroque, and the unique Orchestral Specification. This is the second Allen Organ that the church has purchased, replacing an instrument from 20 years ago.

The organ was dedicated during a special Dedicatory Concert on December 3, 2006. The concert was played by Michael Stairs, Organist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Member of the Philadelphia Organ Quartet, and Allen Artist. At the request of the church, the organ has been voiced by Rudy Lucente, Assistant Grand Court Organist at Macy's in Philadelphia.