Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Three-Manual Pipe/Digital Combination

The combination three-manual pipe and digital instrument recently installed in Shippensburg University's Cora I. Grove Spiritual Center and Interfaith Chapel was designed, scaled and voiced by well-known builder Burton Tidwell, in collaboration with Randall Williams, consultant for the project. The estate of Mrs. Grove provided the leadership gift to The Musical Enhancement Campaign to help purchase an organ for the Spiritual Center. The two-toned walnut and oak console controls 58 digital stops and 6 new pipe ranks, including a brass Trompette en Chamade. Rosewood was used for the drawknob stems, manual sharps, and pedal sharps. Ivora naturals grace the keyboards. The organ's entire complement of pipes and speakers is situated on one wall of the multi-purpose chapel. Three different console plug-in locations are easily accessible to the dolly-mounted console. The instrument was installed by Menchey Music Service, York, Pennsylvania. Matt Baldwin of Menchey coordinated its sale and installation.