Leverington Presbyterian Church
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Custom Four-Manual Renaissance Heritage™
Pipe and Digital Combination Organ

A four-manual Allen Renaissance Heritage™ organ in a special two-tone finish has been installed in Philadelphia's Leverington Presbyterian Church, located in the heart of the Roxborough section. The 24 Mudler-Hunter pipe ranks and 79 Allen digital voices are each controlled by individual drawknobs. The handsome console features rosewood sharps on the manuals and pedals, rosewood rocker tablets, rosewood drawknob faces with maple stems, and Skinner-style key cheeks. The manual naturals are Ivora. Cathedral-style side panel mouldings complement the inspired console design. An adjustable bench, adjustable music rack and console dolly are finished to match the console's exterior finish, which is custom-matched to the existing woodwork of the sanctuary. Most of the 12-channel digital audio is located behind the pipe façades, in and near the pipe chambers.

The specification was designed by organist Jeremy Zuck in collaboration with Scott Clark of the Allen sales staff. Adam Koch played the dedicatory concert on the instrument.