Temple Beth El, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Three-Manual Allen Organ

Temple Beth El has installed their fifth Allen organ in their beautiful new temple northwest of Allentown. The Congregation recently moved into the new multi-purpose complex consisting of the temple, social area (which adjoins and supplements the temple seating area when needed), temple offices, and school. Historic stained-glass windows from the previous temple were carefully removed and integrated with the new facility, as the wonderful stained glass ceiling centerpiece shown in the photo demonstrates.

The organ features Lumitech Capture™ which is ideally suited to the needs of the congregation. The organ's speakers are housed in twin towers on the far left and far right of the Ark, allowing the organist to use the full organ in the "west tower," in close proximity to the Cantor and choir, for balanced accompaniment. Speakers in the "east tower" can be activated for organ selections, large processions and congregational singing. The organ is equipped with EAC™ (Expanded Audio Capabilities) that allows even more flexibility for special musical needs. The special finished console matches the extensive woodwork of the temple.