Shiloh UCC, Dayton, Ohio
72 Stop Four-Manual Pipe and Digital Combination Organ

When the Möller pipe organ at Shiloh UCC in Dayton, Ohio needed a new console, the church turned to Allen. The stunning new four-manual console in oak finish has become the highlight of a complete sanctuary renovation and includes a complete MIDI system as well as four new Allen digital pedal ranks. The organ features Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal divisions arrayed across the front of the sanctuary, and an impressive Antiphonal division high above the rear balcony, including a commanding Trompette en Chamade. This organ remains one of Dayton's most impressive organs!

Shiloh's first organ was a Hammond electronic organ. When that organ failed, the church chose Allen to replace it. In 1971, the church suffered a terrible fire. Afterward, the church had a Möller pipe organ built for the newly restored chancel area, and a sizable antiphonal organ division high in the back of the church. In recent years the Möller console suffered from aging and drying leather pneumatic actions, causing many stops to become unreliable and created a significant hissing sound whenever the organ was on.

Organist Aaron Sheaffer desired a new console for the organ for quite some time, and after a surprise testamentary bequest from an admirer of the church's music program, the church selected the Allen replacement console, with digital pedal stop additions plus full MIDI capabilities. Aaron is known to make great use of the MIDI resources on a regular basis!

Aaron tells the story, "A few weeks ago we were singing an anthem (with piano and cello). The cellist we had lined up moved away, so.......I played cello on the organ. The choir said "can't we just sit down and listen to the accompaniment?" Many in the congregation, including a premier trumpeter told me he was looking around for the cello. He said it was probably the best digital voice he had ever heard. I love it."

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