Genoa Baptist Church, Genoa, Ohio
Allen Four-Manual Instrument
(their fourth Allen!)

Rick Steininger of Columbus, Ohio has again chosen an Allen for the new Sanctuary of Genoa Baptist Church. Steininger, the President and CEO of a large cable installation company in Ohio, looked for the latest in organ technology when the church announced it was expanding. With his cable background he was especially impressed with the fiber optics used by Allen. Senior Pastor Frank Carl said the 97 speaker cabinets and miles of cable came together with a musical sound that truly lifts the congregation's singing to the highest.

The new 1,200-seat sanctuary at Genoa Baptist is one of the largest growing Southern Baptist Churches in the Ohio area. Thousands visited when the Rev. Jerry Falwell gave the message for the dedicatory sermon. Steininger said it was great to lead such an enthusiastic audience with the power of the Allen organ. They sang until the roof lifted. Oh yes... Genoa's other Allen four-manual is still being used in the "old" five-year-old sanctuary.