First Reformed Church of Scotia, Scotia, New York
137 Stop Four-Manual Pipe and Digital Combination Organ

When the First Reformed Church of Scotia selected a builder to create their hybrid instrument, they turned to Allen. The following is excerpted from a letter written by Organist Justan J. Foster:

"Allen was selected as the builder for our custom hybrid instrument due to the Company's commitment to quality and customer service-principles. The design process we experienced allowed for enthusiastic creativity and promoted a deeper sense of collaboration than might be expected with this undertaking. Creating the custom stop list and console proved to be a most enjoyable experience and particularly rewarding for me, as an artist, to paint with such broad strokes of tonal color.

Part of the reason that we settled on a hybrid was the symbolic way in which it reflected our congregation: pipes-both reincorporated and newly designed-to reaffirm our traditions, and digital ranks for additional resources to enhance our worship for the many years yet to come. Again, I (we) say kudos to you on a magnificent instrument that will serve the next generation(s) in our journey of faith."

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First Reformed Church of Scotia

     Justan J. Foster, Organist

First Reformed Church of Scotia
First Reformed Church of Scotia

  Photography courtesy of Christine Batson