Fire Island, New York
58 Stop Three-Manual Allen Digital Organ

Point O' Woods is a private little hamlet located on Fire Island, NY, which is a barrier island for Long Island. In 1997 an Allen MDS 51-S was purchased which has served their church community well for 16 years, until Hurricane Sandy damaged the church and destroyed the organ beyond repair.

A replacement Allen digital organ was purchased as well as elevating the church and adjoining building by eight feet in order to protect them from future floods.

The new organ was trucked to New York where it was loaded onto a ferry for delivered to its new home on Fire Island. Upon arrival on the island, the organ was picked up with a forklift and made its quarter mile trip to the church where the organ was installed with the main speakers up front and the Choir and Swell divisions in the rear of the church.

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Allen Digital Organ
Fire Island

  Organ being loaded onto the Ferry

Fire Island

Organ being loaded onto the forklift