Bristol Glen Retirement Community, Newton, New Jersey
Lyn Larsen Signature Series™ LL-324Q-SP

Frederick Muller, son of late Bristol Glen resident Helen K. Muller, recently donated a three-manual Allen LL-324Q-SP theatre organ to the retirement community in her memory. The dedication ceremony was attended by many residents and staff members in the James C. Batten Town Hall. The organ was played by John V. Baratta, Director of Music for Grace Evangelical Church in River Edge, New Jersey, and house organist for the historic Newton Theatre, where Frederick Muller also plays weekly pre-movie concerts.

During the dedication Frederick shared that his mother, born in West Orange, New Jersey, in 1921, always loved music. An excellent trumpet player, she encouraged her children to study music. Her oldest son Eric played clarinet and guitar, while Frederick chose the trumpet tradition, along with banjo and mandolin. He taught himself to play both piano and organ.

Mr. Muller commented, "When you hear this instrument, dream of the spotlight turning on and an elaborate organ console rising out of the orchestra pit inside an ornate movie palace." Mozart was quoted as saying, "To my eyes and ears the organ will ever be the King of instruments."

Bristol Glen Retirement Community

  John V. Baratta (left) and Frederick Muller (right)

Bristol Glen Retirement Community
Bristol Glen Retirement Community