Covenant Presbyterian Church, Omaha, Nebraska
Workshop/Concert Prompts Collateral Sale

A recent combined workshop and concert held at Covenant Presbyterian had a two-fold effect on the attendees. Covenant's musicians, Karen Gengenbach and David Gerard, are thrilled with their Allen 43 Stop Three-Manual instrument. Along with 300 other people, they were excited by the combined workshop and concert performed by organist Tom Hazelton, who used everything from Bach to Gershwin to demonstrate his expertise with Allen's MDS-Expander II™ MIDI Division. This impressive installation features Allen's Herald™ speakers.

However, in addition to people from Omaha, another church was impressed: First Presbyterian of Council Bluffs, Iowa. After hearing the Renaissance perform, the church abandoned their "pipe dreams" and voted unanimously to replace their three-manual Conn with a three-manual Allen. The church's interim pastor joked that he liked the Allen so much that he might consider coming out of retirement to continue preaching there.