Christ Lutheran Church, Charlotte, North Carolina
Allen Elite™ Opus IX

For decades, the people of Christ Lutheran Church have presented beautiful worship to the glory of God. When the Worship and Music Ministry sought to broaden their tradition their faith community grew dramatically, dictating a larger, versatile house of worship and a new organ commensurate with the scale and beauty of the new sanctuary.

When asked to comment on the entire Allen experience, Mark Glaeser, Minister of Music replied, "When our committee at Christ Lutheran was searching for an organ, we listened to organs up and down the East Coast. The scope of our new sanctuary budget was a huge financial leap for our congregation, and in order to stretch our stewardship dollar, we were directed to consider digital instruments."

"In order to accommodate the needs of our rich and diverse Lutheran heritage, we needed a large instrument (3 manuals plus a floating antiphonal division) with great versatility and scope. With Allen, we were able to design an American classic instrument that plays all the great literature exceptionally well, and in a room that seats over 1100 people."

Christ Lutheran's extraordinary vision empowered Allen Organ to design and build an instrument that will serve this varied worship life for decades to come.

Mark added, "We thoroughly enjoyed being able to customize and design our Allen instrument to meet our specific needs, from console finish to the stop list. The MIDI and Vista capabilities have proven their value time and again in our traditional and contemporary worship services at Christ Lutheran."

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Christ Lutheran Church
Christ Lutheran Church