Pittsboro First United Methodist Church, Pittsboro, North Carolina
Allen Two-Manual Custom Pipe and Digital

The circa-1930s M. P. Möller two-manual pipe organ in Pittsboro First United Methodist Church was built like a tank. Unfortunately, it also sounded like one. Tucked into a dark rear alcove, the organ was in dire need of resuscitation. To the rescue came Allen Organ in the presence of Keith Pendergraft, Hopper Piano & Organ Company, and world-class pipe finsher and voicer Burton Tidwell.

The old console was replaced with a new walnut-finish, 33 Stop, two-manual Allen console which fit comfortably in front of the refurbished pipe box. Burton Tidwell added a sparkling new 4' Principal, a Mixture to the Great, spruced-up the old pipes, integrated new pipes into the design, and seamlessly blended the Allen digital ranks into the totality. The finished result is visually pleasing as well as acoustically remarkable. Some new paint, a little elbow grease, a new Allen console, and it became a "Jewel!"


Old Möller Organ

Allen Organ

New Allen Organ