Main Post Army Chapel, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
60th Anniversary Finish Two-Manual Renaissance™ Digital Instrument

The historic Main Post Army Chapel recently completed a $500,000 renovation of the Chapel interior. The beautiful Spanish influence architecture of the chapel is most unusual; only one other chapel like it can be found on a military base in the United States.

The Allen proposal incorporated various ranks from the 1950 pipe organ installation. The vast expense necessary to make the accommodations for the pipes led the chapel to purchase a large two-manual Allen Renaissance™ organ featuring a highly customized audio system of 1,000 watts and 20 speaker cabinets. The organ also featured Allen's 60th Anniversary console package, a special combination of oak and walnut woods. The end result? An historic chapel with an organ built by a company committed to preserving the history of the pipe organ and offering it in a form suited for the 21st century!