First Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina
63-Stop Edition Diane Bish Signature Series Renaissance™ Digital Instrument

The First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina is known for its dynamic music ministry and love of the gospel. The church recently underwent a substantial renovation of its facilities, most of which dated back to 1929. Although it was impressively attractive, the original Kimball Pipe Organ ended up not being a part of the renovation project."

When Minister of Music Bill Benson joined the First Baptist family, he brought with him a vision of the stately pipe organ once again leading the congregation in worship. Like many other churches going through the trials of renovation, First Baptist seriously considered installing a new pipe organ but found it to be cost prohibitive. "

The introduction of Allen's "Diane Bish Signature Series" Renaissance™ organs allowed First Baptist the opportunity to purchase an organ to fulfill Bill Benson's vision-and save an amazing amount of church resources. Its 63 speaking stops and over 50 speaker cabinets now faithfully lead First Baptist in corporate worship. "

Diane Bish herself gracefully participated in the dedication of the organ, playing to a packed house of over 1,200 appreciative celebrants. One church member was quoted as saying, "I simply cannot believe we wasted so much time arguing over a new organ when we could have had this all along!"