Covenant Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Mississippi
66 Stop Three-Manual French-Terrace-Style Allen Organ

"In May of 2018 work began on the process which led to the installation of Covenant Presbyterian Church's new three-manual Allen organ. The organ was made possible by a single anonymous donor, and after careful consideration, Allen's Three-Manual, 66 Stop G350DK was chosen because of the versatility of its Stop List. We decided to do a fair amount of customizing, which included the selection of a French Terrace style console due to its lower profile and improved visibility for our music ministry's needs. This has proven to be an excellent choice; with the adjustable music rack, the sight lines between the organist and the conductor are much improved. We also chose to include the optional GeniSys™ Voices, and as the organist, I am glad we did as they have greatly increased the versatility of the instrument for me. Part of the Heritage Package included engraving the Reeds in red, the GeniSys Voices in green, and the Swell Solo Voices in blue. This makes the desired Stops easy to locate quickly. In addition to the organ's speakers, we also included Audio outputs so that the organ can be mixed through our PA system with proper attention to the organs' audio signal for our weekly Live Stream service we offer to homebound parishioners.

The oak console itself looks like a work of art. The Swell 16', Unison Off, Swell 4' couplers and the Choir Unison Off coupler are rosewood with white engravings. The other drawknobs are maple with black engravings. The Tutti I and Tutti II pistons are red with white engravings. The coupler pistons are black with white engravings, and these are also proving very useful. The NEXT piston is white with green engraving, the PREVIOUS piston is white with red engraving. These pistons allow the me to go up or down one General piston at a time. Those two pistons are also selectable by chrome toe studs. The remaining toe studs are brass, which give the organ a glamorous appeal. The manuals have Ivora Naturals and Rosewood Sharps; the Pedal Naturals are Maple with Rosewood Sharps.

Even though I had played several installations, I was still not quite prepared for the beauty of the sound of this instrument. I don't use the phrase lightly, so when I say that the sound of the organ exceeds my expectations, you can get an idea of how pleased I am with its sound, and the congregation seems to agree. Immediately people commented on how much rounder and smoother the sound was.

In addition, everything is easy to find and to use. As someone to whom technology does not usually come naturally, I was pleasantly surprised to find how quickly I learned the new features, including the GeniSys Voices and the record and playback features of the GeniSys Display. I have to force myself to go home for lunch or in the afternoon, because practicing is truly a pleasure.

The six-month process from selecting and ordering the organ, to its delivery, installation, and voicing, was well worth the wait. I also found working with both the Allen Organ Company and my area Allen Representatives at Church Organs of Memphis/AMRO Music was a pure pleasure."

Submitted by:
Randolph Blakeman, Organist
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Cleveland, Mississippi

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Covenant Presbyterian Church
Hector Olivera at Covenant Presbyterian

Hector Olivera & Harry at the console

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Covenant Presbyterian Church