Concordia Lutheran Church, Sikeston, Missouri

Concordia Lutheran

"On behalf of the members of Concordia Lutheran Church, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service that you and your staff at Midwest Music provided to our church during our recent tragedy. Your quick response, and subsequently, your installation of a loaner unit, kept our church in organ music while awaiting our new Allen. Without your help, it would have been very difficult for the congregation to continue with its music, to include the special service for the dedication of our new Family Life Center.

"As you are aware, my congregation purchased its first Allen, a 301 model, in 1978. It was rebuilt in 1996. The 301 was struck by lightning in June of this past year. While I knew that we were going to purchase an Allen, I did not know what model would be best suited for our church building, nor was I aware of the voicing capabilities of the new models. The trip to St. Louis that you encouraged us to make helped tremendously. In fact, after hearing the Allen organ and then playing the three-manual installation that you had recently completed in Granite City, coupled with your explanation of the model's ancillary division, we were able to make an intelligent decision concerning the purchase of the new organ."

Jim Hailey
Organist, Concordia Lutheran Church, LCMS, Sikeston, MO