First Congregational Church of Clarkston, Michigan
33 Stop Two-Manual Allen Digital Organ

The First Congregational Church of Clarkston, Michigan was experiencing ongoing problems with their European digital organ. After months of attempted repairs, the organ was deemed irreparable. Their Church Board conducted an extensive search and Allen was selected as the organ builder of choice and a Two-Manual, 33 Stop, Allen Digital Organ was purchased.

In testimony to their Allen experience, Music Director and Organist Sherri Jo Brown wrote to Allen Representative Lance Luce of Evola Music:

Dear Lance,

Thanks just don't seem enough for all you have done for the First Congregational Church of Clarkston. The Allen organ is a welcomed replacement! When our organ couldn't be repaired, I wasn't certain we would ever have an organ in our sanctuary again.

I know it took a while, but the Allen organ was definitely worth the effort and time it took to bring it in. I appreciate all the work and time you and Jim spent in making this happen.

I also want to thank you and Rick for performing the Organ Dedication Recital in February. I was pleased with our crowd of 72! Our congregation was excited to hear an organ recital again as it was reminiscent of the wonderful days in Pontiac when Charles Wilson used to do recitals on a regular basis. Under the expert musicianship of both you and Rick, we were able to see what our little Allen could really do. I can't thank you enough for bringing this joy to our church! Thank you again for everything.


Sherri Jo Brown
Music Director/Organist

First Congregational Church

Photography courtesy of Lance Luce

First Congregational Church

Allen Representative and organist Lance Luce (standing),
with guest organist Rick Cucchi and church organist
Sherri Jo Brown before the dedication concert.