First United Methodist Church, Warren, Michigan
38 Stop Three-Manual Allen Digital Organ

The First United Methodist Church of Warren, Michigan had an electronic organ that had been purchased in the 1990's, and was beginning to require more and more frequent, and costly, service calls. Unfortunately the company that manufactured the organ was no longer in business, and the availability of replacement parts was questionable.

The church decided not to wait until the organ broke completely and could not be repaired. The search committee did their homework, even travelling to Toronto to investigate another digital organ. In the end, the committee chose an Allen Digital Three-Manual, 38 Stop organ for all the right musical and dependability reasons. The organists now enjoy the flexibility of a three manual organ, and make extensive use of the MIDI sounds available through the Allen Vista Navigator™.

In testimony to their Allen experience, Pastor Dennis Paulson wrote to Allen Representative Lance Luce of Evola Music:

First United Methodist
First United Methodist

Organ Search Committee members with Allen Organ Representative Lance Luce

First United Methodist

Photography courtesy of Lance Luce

Dear Lance,

I want to personally thank you for your attention, patience, and advice as we researched, selected, and installed a new Allen Organ in the sanctuary of our church. Achieving a goal of securing an organ that would take our congregation into the next thirty years with vast technical capabilities, in order to anticipate not only our musical needs of today, but to anticipate the needs of our congregation over that extended period of time, was an anxiety-producing experience for our congregation and the search committee. And spending a considerable amount of God's money made the process not just anticipatory, but spiritually significant to our church.

Because of your willingness to share your insights throughout this process, we feel we have selected a great instrument which met all of our concerns, and will indeed anticipate the needs of the future congregation with exceptional capabilities, regardless of what musical tastes and styles such future congregation will desire.

We experienced professional care, listening to our questions and ideas, and thoughtful reflection and recommendations for our consideration. We felt very supported, as well as guided to the instrument that would fit our acoustics, our current musical tastes, and that we will be prepared to achieve the musical and spiritual desires of the congregation for decades to come.

Best wishes as you continue to bless the religious community of Detroit and beyond, for years to come, with courtesy and spiritual sensitivity.

Dennis Paulson, Pastor