St. Malachy Roman Catholic Church, Sterling Heights, Michigan

St. Malachy Roman Catholic Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan, seats over 800 parishioners. The church found that its small pieced-together pipe organ was inadequate to lead congregational singing.

Justin Umbarger, Director of Music and Worship and organist, recognized the need to upgrade the organ to an instrument that would better serve the needs of this musically active congregation. After listening to some Allen organs in the surrounding area, with and without pipes; Justin decided that a 3 manual Allen organ would be the appropriate sized instrument. It was also a mutual decision not to interface with the existing pipe organ, and that a pure digital instrument would be more cost effective and versatile in the long run. With its new Allen, St. Malachy's now has an organ that can lift up a full sanctuary in song!

A Vista Navigator™ along with OST optical keying and EAC audio inputs round out the organ's versatility for modern worship at St. Malachy's. Fr. Joseph Gembala, a musician himself, was very supportive throughout the organ selection and the fund raising process. There are numerous choirs at St. Malachy's, and the Music Ministry incorporates over 100 people.

Regarding the new Quantum organ selection and installation, Justin Umbarger, Director of Music & Worship at St. Malachy, commented, "The new Allen gives a greater variety of sounds and a much fuller sound in the large room to support congregational singing. With the Vista Navigator, contemporary and orchestral sounds can be blended with the organ stops to make wonderful registrations!"

St. Malachy